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Aquanaut ( Helmet Diving)

Dive -in to a one-of-a-kind underwater experience! Enjoy a pleasurable aquatic sight-seeing while feeding  fishes and walking on the ocean floor. Helmet Diving is an underwater tour where you put on a diving helmet that pumps oxygen.

Banana Boat

Feel the rush and have fun as agroup as you balance yourselves on a banana boat ride. Ride on with one of the most  popular activities in Boracay! 

Boracay Pub Crawl

Boracay by day  - an island paradise; but at night, this iconic Philippine destination becomes a legendary party scene, with countless bars and nightclubs that keep the music  and good vibes on until late at night!

Boracay Island Hopping Tour

Hop on our boats and tour the white beaches of Boracay. Can you imagine Boracay Island without an exquisite island hopping tour? Boracay Island is home to numerous beautiful beaches made of soft, powdery white sands, washed in bluish, crystal water, and serving as a habitat to a remarkable diversity of aquatic  species and coral reefs. 

Cliff Diving

Take a leap on faith and plunge into the beautiful waters of Boracay at one of the world's top cliff diving destinations. Located on the edge of fishing village,Ariel's Point boasts lush tropical forests, clear turquoise waters, abundant marine life and volcanic rock formations.

Helicopter Tour

Boracay Helicopter Tour - It's never been better. Have a 15 minute adrenaline-filled experience of touring the island by helicopter! See Boracay's white sands, blue green waters and reefs from above! This is the ultimate chance to snap a birds-eye-view photographs!


Navigate the waters and fly across the waves for an hour on a thrilling jet ski ride. Good for two passengers per unit. Complete your island experience by riding one of the most popular water activities on the island, Boracay  Jetski.

Motag Living Museum

The Motag Living Museum is an interactive cultural expo that showcases traditional farming methods in action , weaving traditional, cooking native delights and sharing Malayaon folk songs. This amazing place is locate on the mainland of Aklan, about 30 minutes travel from Boracay. Emerge yourself to the Filipino culture and seeing  the past come to life! 

Paddle Board

Get to have the fun experience of looking at Boracay's beautiful sceneries while padding on your stand up board. You'll be exercising your arms at the same time while taking in stunning views. Stand up paddling alongside a small group allows to take better care of each participant. 


Watch the sea from above as you can soar through the sky through parasailing. Considered as one of the most thrilling activities in Boracay Island, Parasailing is a vacation highlight you wouldn't  want to miss. 

Paraw Sailing

Explore the sea by sailing the native boat called the Paraw. Romance the beauty of the open sea and Boracay's iconic sunsets by sailing a Paraw. Get a board our small, custom-made, traditional sail boats balanced on two outriggers.

Puka Beach

Enjoy the sightseeing view of the other side of Boracay as you cruise down form the famous" Grotto" view called the Willy's Rock to the shopping center of the island. Witness also the beauty and crystal clear waters of Puka Beach and Ilig-iligan Beach.

Sunset Yacht Cruise

Enjoy a luxurious cruise in Boracay's majestic beachfront view

Speedboat Rental

Enjoy a luxurious cruise in Boracay's majestic beachfront view. Book a private Speedboat to see the white sand of Boracay from Station 1 to Station 3. 


Ride the waves and perform gravity-defying jumps and maneuvers through wakeboarding. Are you up for the extreme?  Then Wakeboarding in Boracay  is just the thing for you! Prepare for an adrenaline rush while merging your techniques of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing.

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